Feb 19, 2012

Another 2d animation doodle

This one is done in Pencil, a free drawing software.

You can get Pencil from here: http://www.pencil-animation.org/


  1. Hey this looks really cool. And fun XD Great job with this! Maybe the jump could be a bit higher, but I dunno if you wanted that. But yeah, quite nice and fun : )

    1. Yes...jump bhalo hoy nai.In fact kisui bhalo howar kotha na. Its just a 10 min doodle. But Pencil rocks! :)

    2. Are mia ki kon? Khubi bhalo hoise Emu bhai, just jump ta..but who cares, it actually almost seems like his jump is being altered by the gravitational pull from the hole..so yeah XDD I tried Pencil..but I think I still like Flash a bit more..Pencil seems to lag and the brush strokes come out kinda dotted when drawing in the bitmap mode..oh well. You did great!

  2. Matha hate nia fall down ta mojar :D